ॐ क्रिमिभ्यो नमः

I’m Dr. Chakradhar Frend

I am researching on extent of Microbiological knowledge enshrined in Vedas, Ayurvedas and other Ancient Sanskrit literature for 20 years. I am exhilarated to launch Vedic Microbiology Virtual University for preservation & propagation of ancient traditional knowledge for the benefit of human kind.

Early on

Graduation (B.Sc) in ‘Microbiology’ & LLB

Post Graduation (M.Sc) in ‘Microbiology’ & ‘Vedic Sciences’

PhD [AM] in Vedic Microbiology

VedNipun (वेदनिपुण)


CEO, Maharshi VedVyas International Virtual Vedic University

Designing courses on Vedic Microbiology and other branches.

PhD Guidance to students of Vedic Microbiology, Ayurveda Microbiology & Vedic Medical Microbiology.

Email – ceo@vedicmicrobiology.university