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वेदसंस्था प्रवर्तक<br><strong>वैदिक</strong> <strong>सुक्ष्मजीवविज्ञानी</strong><br>Dr. Chakradhar Frend
वेदसंस्था प्रवर्तक
वैदिक सुक्ष्मजीवविज्ञानी
Dr. Chakradhar Frend

EDUCATION : He holds dual Graduation in ‘Microbiology’ [B.Sc.] and ‘Law'[LL.B]; dual Post-Graduation in ‘Microbiology’ [MSc] and ‘Vedic Sciences’ [MSc]. He is doctorate [PhD] in ‘Vedic Microbiology’.
He did ‘VedNipun‘ वेदनिपुण course from Maharshi Sandipani Rashtriya VedaVidya Pratishthan (Ujjain).
Pioneer Researcher on Vedic Microbiology Since 2000. He introduced the term ‘Vedic Microbiology’ in public domain. Dedicated his youthful years for establishing Vedic Microbiology as a subject of Vedic Sciences. He established various branches of Vedic Microbiology viz.- VEDIC MEDICAL MICROBIOLOGY, AYURVEDA MICROBIOLOGY, VEDIC YOGA MICROBIOLOGY.
AUTHOR :”Vedic Microbiology” (2007); ‘ Revived History of Microbiology (2007)’. Currently, he is working on more than 10 books on Vedic Microbiology which is expected to publish in year 2021.
Founder of Rishi Kanva Vedic Microbiology Research Institute (July 2007)
Founder of Vedic Microbiology Virtual University (15th January 2020).

Dr. Shriji Kurup
Dr. Shriji Kurup

Researcher on Vedic Microbiology.
Co-Author – “Vedic Microbiology” (2007); ‘ Revived History of Microbiology (2007)’.

Sunita Guwalani


Pursuing PhD in Vedic Microbiology

Ankitha S. Patel


Pursuing PhD in Ayurveda Microbiology

Varsha Parkar


Pursuing PhD in Vedic Medical Microbiology

Sailendra Kumar Jha


Pursuing PhD in Ayurveda Microbiology

Naryana Ghimire


Pursuing PhD in Ayurveda Microbiology

ॐ क्रिमिभ्यो नमः


1) To find out the degree of microbiological knowledge existent in the ancient Sanskrit and other non-Sanskrit Indian languages/ texts; 

2) Collection of microbiological terminologies, verses (Slokas) in Sanskrit and its Hindi & English translation;

3) Evolving out how Vedic Microbiology can further assist for studies in Vedic-Ayurvedic and Modern life sciences-Microbiology-Biotechnology;

4) To evaluate the potential of Vedic Microbiology in giving new dimension to Ayurveda (role of Vedic microbiology in ‘marketing’ the Ayurveda in India and abroad), and

5) Identifying the Veda-Ayurveda prescribed antimicrobial agents and immuno-modulators to curb multiple / extensively drug resistant microorganisms.