ॐ क्रिमिभ्यो नमः

I’m Dr. Chakradhar Frend

I am researching on extent of Microbiological knowledge enshrined in Vedas, Ayurvedas and other Ancient Sanskrit literature for 20 years. I am exhilarated to launch Vedic Microbiology Virtual University for preservation & propagation of ancient traditional knowledge for the benefit of human kind.

Early on

Graduation (B.Sc) in ‘Microbiology’

Post Graduation (M.Sc) in ‘Microbiology’

Bachelor in Legislative Laws (LLB)

Post Graduation (M.Sc) in ‘Vedic Sciences’

PhD in Vedic Microbiology

VedaNipun (वेदनिपुण)


CEO, Maharshi VedVyas International Virtual Vedic University

Designing courses on Vedic Microbiology and other branches.

PhD Guidance to students of Vedic Microbiology, Ayurveda Microbiology & Vedic Medical Microbiology.

  • Invited Speaker, Delivered Talk on – “Vedic Microbiology and Yogic Farming” National Workshop on Organic Farming and Yogic Farming 2018, organized by Anand Agriculture University, Anand, GUJARAT & BrahmaKumaris, Mount Abu; 18th & 19th September 2018; Venue: Anand Agriculture University, Anand, GUJARAT.
  • Delivered Talk on – Vedic Microbiology: Boon of Rishis/Ayurvedacharyas to Humanity in National Conference on Vedic Science and Spirituality, organized by Sagiraju Foundation &  Maharshi VedVyas International Virtual Vedic University; 5th April  2013; Venue: Nellore, ANDHRA PRADESH.

Presented Research paper title – Methodology in Spiritual Research- An Outlookin World Spiritual Conference, organized by Government College Bahadurgarh (Higher Education Department, Government of Haryana) &  Indian Foundation for Vedic Science , Haryana; 14 –16th March  2012; Venue: Government College Bahadurgarh, HARYANA.

●  Invited Speaker, Delivered talk on “Vedic Microbiology and Sanskrit: Significance and Usage in Modern Timesin International Conference on Vedic Science and Its Application, organized by Chhattisgarh Vigyan Bharti (Raipur), Akhil Bhartiya Peeth Parishad (Puri) and Shiksha Sanskriti Utthan Nyas, New Delhi; 20th –21st  November 2010; Venue: Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University Auditorium, Raipur, CHHATISGARH.

  • Presented Research Papers title Microbiology and Vedic Civilization”, “Vedic Strategy to Combat Infectious Diseases”  and Microbial Intelligence— Reflection of ‘Consciousness’ in lower life forms  in first International Seminar on Vedic Microbiology, organized by Rishi Kanva Vedic Microbiology Research Institute (Gujarat), Indian Foundation For Vedic Sciences and Vishwa Dharmayatana Sansthana, New Delhi; 20th –21st  August 2007; Venue: Vishwa Dharmayatana Sansthana, NEW DELHI.

Presented Research Paper title Vedic Medical Microbiology and Emerging Infectious Diseasesin Second World Congress on Vedic Sciences, organized by Vijnana Bharati (Swadeshi Science Movement of Bharat), Banaras Hindu University and Sampurnananda Sanskrit Vishwavidhyalaya, Varanashi; 9th –11th  Feb 2007; Venue: Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, UTTAR PRADESH.

● Presented Paper title Intellectual Property Rights and Traditional Plant Sciencesin National conference on Plant Sciences-2004, organized by Department of Life Sciences, Bhavnagar University at Gandhinagar on 27th November 2004, GUJARAT.

● Presented Research Paper title Vedic Microbiology: Microbiology in the Vedas –A Revived History in first World Congress on Vedic Sciences, organized by Vijnana Bharati (Swadeshi Science Movement of Bharat), Bangalore on 9th to 13th August 2004, KARNATAKA.

Presented paper title Vedic science, Jainism and Microbiology in Jain Doctor’s International Conference on 4th January 2004, Koba, Gandhinagar, GUJARAT.

Email – ceo@vedicmicrobiology.university